Why Conceal Carry? This question has been brought up in several occasions and makes my ask why even ask that question. As there are many anti-gun activist always picketing or just simply pushing to ban firearms or push for stricter gun laws. Illinois Concealed Training believes in safe gun handling and we strive in making everyone understand the safety of that. Many activist can say that the “guns” are not safe and that if we don’t have them crime will stop.  Well unfortunately that is not correct and has been proven. Many countries have that law of no guns to civilians and you wont hear of anyone getting killed with a gun. However what we don’t hear much is that the derange individuals that use other object like cars, knives, certain liquids to kill. just recently we have been hearing about derange individuals mowing down innocent civilians utilizing a motorized vehicles. Let’s face it, when a certain individual wants to do harm to anyone regardless of what the motive is, they will find what ever it takes to commit that act even if its just using a common house hold item. Banning “guns” will not change much, the criminal will continued to get a hold of them and they will feel more confidant that we as civilians cant have or carry one. Will that help us as law abiding citizens?  Will that make this country or world safer? I doubt it. As american citizens we are protected by our 2nd amendment ” to keep and bear arms” and that should never be abolish or modified. That is what keep us somewhat safe. Imagine how it would be if we cant arm ourselves. The common thieve has used box cutters, baseball bats, house hold items to commit crimes. Lets not be a victim to crime or a statistic. Lets be that one person who knew how to defend him or herself. Lets no fall in to the hands of a criminal and have to be afraid the rest of our lives hoping it will not happen again. Lets be that one person who will stand up tall and fight for what we believe in.

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