USCCA Self Defense Insurance

Ever thought of what happens after finding yourself in a situation where you had to defend yourself ? Well we can tell you that it will not be a pleasant experience. You will most likely be hauled to a police station and you will treated like a criminal while they investigate the situation. In some cases, you will need to appear in a criminal court for the court system to justify your actions. Just imagine the stress it will be taking on you and your family mentally and financially because of time need off work for any court appearance. After the criminal courts, do you think its over? Think again ! Your issues just began, We live in an era where everyone is looking for a payday. As your new task has begun and getting hauled in to a civil court. Mental, emotional and a financial stress will now be your greatest task to overcome. Appearing in a civil court reassure it will not be an opened and shut case. Since you were justified in a criminal court with any criminal charges now they have to determine if you are liable for any compensation. Unfair? Absolutely !

You will now be in risk of losing everything you have worked for your whole life. You have sacrifice a lot of things to keep your family safe by providing for them. Now it’s all in the hands of a court system for them to decide if the offender or his family are entitled for financial compensation. If the court rules in favor of the offender, a judgement will be placed against you. That means your paychecks will be garnished, tax returns will be awarded to the offender, property liens and bank levy’s will most likely kick in. Talk about being ruined..

The USCCA is a self defense insurance and will help anyone who acted within reason simply defending themselves. They understand the importance of protecting yourself your property and your family. A simple and very inexpensive membership will give you a piece of mind knowing you have a leading self-defense insurance company standing with you when you needed it most. Bonds, attorney fees are covered with you policy. And if you happen to lose a civil suit, you are completely covered that’s the piece of mind that everyone should have. Remember, we were all born with the natural right to defend ourselves with any weapon of opportunity. USCCA is the leading self-defense insurance company in the industry and will continue to serve all Americans coast to coast.

Illinois Concealed Training is now an official partner of the USCCA. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our staff will be more than happy in answering any questions you may have.

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