As we all know that all States have different laws that we need to obey. Let’s remember that we as American citizens have the 2nd amendment which is the right to bear arms. Unfortunately that law does not allow us to carry a firearm.  The 2nd amendment law will allow you to have as many legal firearms in your possession within your dwelling (abobe) and in some states in your place of business. Now as a Concealed Carry License holder we are allowed to carry a loaded weapon on our person. As a Concealed Carry license Instructor, I cant emphasize on what a privilege that is. Because for whatever reason some citizens just can not carry a firearm. Lets not blind ourselves, this era is getting out of control and we law abiding citizens should be able to defend ourselves when needed.  We have seen on the news or heard everything that is going on. At Illinois Concealed Training we focus on proper training because proper training is the key to arming yourself. We Stress on explaining how many individuals who claim to have proper training will commit the most common error while conducting a simple exercise while holding a firearm. ” Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot ” should be explained throughout a Concealed Carry Class in every state. As any properly trained Concealed Carry License Holder, Ignorance and Carelessness are the most common reasons in a fatal accident caused by a firearm.

Of course, you will have anti-gun protesters pushing for tougher gun laws. They can pass all the laws they want, however if your not properly training this will continue to happen. Proper Training is what we need not tougher gun laws. Yes we understand that if there are no guns there will be no accidents correct? Well that is not true, It might minimize the accidents regarding a firearm, but now we are leaving our law abiding citizens who simply want to protect themselves as well as their family defenseless. Lets face it, the criminals will not want to take part in PROPER TRAINING and firearms will continue to be the criminals first choice as a weapon. We all have the right to protect ourselves and our family. We work hard for what we have, and to allow someone to come and just take what we have worked hard for should not be open for discussion. Lets get our priorities straight, PROPER TRAINING before a license to carry.

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