Q. Who qualifies for a 16 hour class?

A. General public. (must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident)

Q. Who qualifies for a 8 hour class?

A. Individuals who are active or ex military (DD214 needed) as well as ex police ( law enforcementĀ  certification training needed)

Q. Who qualifies for a 3 hour class.

A. Individuals who currently holds a ILCCL and is subject for renewal.

Q. What are the requirements for the ILCC act?

A. Must be 21+ with no FELONY convictions or any arrest indicating aggression as well as a negative mental health background.

Q. Do I need need a FOID card to attend class?

A. NO, FOID card is not needed to attended class.

Q. Do I need my own firearm to attend class?

A. No, A firearm will be provided along with the required ammunition. (16/8 hour class only, renewals must provided own firearm) rentals are available if needed.

Q. I have previous training?

A. You must submit a copy of training certificates. Certificates must be honored by the ISP for applied credits.