Compact or Full Size?

As we all know there are many hand guns to chose from. Choosing the correct one will defiantly make a difference when its time to concealed carry or firing one. When choosing a pistol you should know the reason why would you be purchasing a pistol in the first place. Would it be for concealed carry? collector? Hunting? competitions? those questions should be determined before you purchase one. Illinois Concealed Training Inc believes that you need to be very comfortable with the pistol you chose. Let’s talk about the compact pistols. It’s small design allows you to conceal your pistol very discreetly. No one should notice anything never the less to know that you have it concealed. Now don’t let the small design fool you, its only the size that changed. What ever caliber you chose in a compact design, Still packs the same power of the full size. At Illinois Concealed Training, we speak highly of compact pistols simply because we live in a state where open carry is not an option, so concealed it is. Now a s far as a full size pistol, we all love them of course but I just think they are a bit difficult to conceal a full size comfortably versus a compact, that’s just my opinion. I know several people who carry a full size and conceal it very well. I guess at the end of the day it’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Just remember that safety is our number one priority. Rather you decide on a full size or a compact, always make sure you feel comfortable with it and that is what you want.

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