Safety Course

The Proper Training

At Illinois Concealed Training Inc. we believe proper training is the most crucial & important part of our courses and that is exactly what we do. Our instructors explain in great detail and demonstrate the fundamentals of a firearm. We strive in making every course as fun, educational and productive. All of our students will interact and participate in every demonstration to further achieve the best results. Our Goal is to make everyone understand how to properly handle a firearm in the safest manner. We never overbook our classes giving all of our students the attention needed to ensure proper understanding. 

Why Us?

We offer certification for concealed carry passing all the requirements. We are aware there are many training centers to chose from; however receiving the proper training is what every student should consider when attending a course. At ICT we understand that not everyone learns at the same pace. That's why student interaction and hands-on is what we consider to very a very important part of the teaching process. We take time to explain and cover all topics in the best and detailed manner giving all of our students the ability to take in and understand everything we cover and demonstrate. We urge our students to ask any questions they might have or really don't comprehend. We want you to finish our courses with confidence knowing you were taught properly.